Heat Generation in the Catalytic Combustion of Light Hydrocarbons

  • Svetlana A. Tungatarova
  • Zauresh T. Zheksenbaeva
  • Tolkyn S. Baizhumanova
  • Valentina P. Grigoriyeva
  • Rabiga O. Sarsenova


Data on the study of thermally stable (up to 1,473 K) manganese oxide catalysts for deep oxidation of lean CH4 and propane-butane mixtures are presented. New approaches to the synthesis of polyoxide catalysts based on Mn, modified with rare earth elements (La, Ce) and alkaline earth elements (Ba, Sr) when its supporting onto the alumina granules stabilized with 2 % Ce were used. It was shown by BET, XRD and TEM methods that the Mn catalyst contains crystalline CeO2 and nanoparticles of Mn2O3 (d = 30 - 40 Ǻ), the amount of which decreases by heating to 1,173 K through a partial interaction with rare earth elements with the formation of La(Ce)MnO3, CeAlO3, then LaMnAl11O19 hexaaluminate at 1,273 – 1,473 K. The aim of the work is the development of active polyoxide Mn catalysts for deep oxidation of poor methane and propane-butane mixtures to CO2 for use in catalytic heat generators, solving environmental problems and studying the thermal stability of the developed catalysts.
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Tungatarova S., Zheksenbaeva Z., Baizhumanova T., Grigoriyeva V., Sarsenova R., 2017, Heat Generation in the Catalytic Combustion of Light Hydrocarbons , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 61, 1915-1920.