A New Structure of the Environment-Friendly Material Fe16N2

  • Lei Feng
  • Dongmei Zhang
  • Fei Wang
  • Li Dong
  • Shuang Chen
  • Jie Liu
  • Xuesong Hui


In this paper, a new compound c-Fe16N2 is obtained using a new crystal structure prediction software CALYPSO (Crystal Structure Analysis by Particle Swarm Optimization). The compound has a structure of C2/m (the twelfth space group), and a magnetic moment of 17 µB per unit cell. The enthalpy of c-Fe16N2 is -8.620 eV/atom, which is little to that of (((-Fe16N2 (-8.287 eV/atom), so the former is more stable from the view of energy. The average magnetic moment of c-Fe16N2 is 2.13 µB per iron atom which is small to that of (((-Fe16N2 (2.8 µB). The c-Fe16N2 is a new rare earth-free permanent magnet. No rare earth means no environmental pollution in the the rare earth mining. The (((-Fe16N2 has a highest saturation magnetic flux density, but it is difficult to mass production, because there are other several N-Fe iron compounds (such as Fe3N, Fe4N) in the obtained resultants. The newly found compound c-Fe16N2 may replace (((-Fe16N2 because the former can be easily obtained compared to the latter, and there maybe a new way to mass production of (((-Fe16N2 from c-Fe16N2.
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Feng L., Zhang D., Wang F., Dong L., Chen S., Liu J., Hui X., 2017, A New Structure of the Environment-Friendly Material Fe16N2 , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 61, 1501-1506.