A Computer Model of the Evaporator and Its Sensors

  • Yury Chursin
  • Evgeny Efremov
  • Alexandr Gozhimov
  • Oksana Kabrysheva
  • Daniil Barkov


For the implementation of a closed nuclear fuel cycle it is necessary to carry out a series of experimental studies to justify the choice of technology. The operation of the radiochemical plant is impossible without high-quality automatic control systems. In the technologies of spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, the method of continuous evaporation is often used for a solution conditioning. Therefore, the effective continuous technological process will depend on the operation of the evaporation equipment. Its essential difference from similar devices is a small size. In this paper, the method of mathematic simulation is applied for the investigation of one-effect evaporator with an external heating chamber. Adequacy was tested using the experimental data obtained at the laboratory evaporation unit. The results proved that the studied subject is a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) plant, nonlinear over separate control channels and not self-balancing.
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Chursin Y., Efremov E., Gozhimov A., Kabrysheva O., Barkov D., 2017, A Computer Model of the Evaporator and Its Sensors , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 61, 1435-1440.