Entrainer Recycle for Batch Heteroazeotropic Distillation

  • Laszlo Hegely
  • Peter Lang


The influence of entrainer (and off-cut) recycle are studied by dynamic simulation for a batch heteroazeotropic distillation (BHAD) process. For the dehydration of isopropanol, toluene is applied as entrainer (E). The production cycle consists of processing three consecutive batches. Both BHAD operational modes (sequential (Mode I) and simultaneous (Mode II) distillation + decantation) are studied. The influence of the amount of E and of the reflux ratios are studied, as well as the effect of E recycle on the consecutive batches. The different operational modes and strategies are compared. For the calculations, a professional flow-sheet simulator is used.
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Hegely L., Lang P., 2017, Entrainer Recycle for Batch Heteroazeotropic Distillation , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 61, 949-954.