Design and Analysis of Water-Using Networks Involving Regeneration

  • Ai-Hong Li
  • Xiao-Yan Fan
  • Zhi-Yong Liu


With the addition of regeneration units into a water-using network is an efficient way for wastewater minimization. However, it is often difficult to target and design the water networks involving regeneration. Liu et al. (AIChE J, 2009) compared the difference between the water networks involving regeneration and that involving reuse only and obtained an insight that the former network can be formed by adding one or a few additional sources, the regenerated stream(s), into the latter one. Then, the key for design of a water-using network involving regeneration is to determine the flowrate and concentrations of the regenerated stream(s). The above insight can be used to simplify the design procedure of water networks involving regeneration. This paper reviews the applications of the above insight in the design of water/hydrogen networks involving regeneration reuse/recycling and the analysis of the above networks.
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Li A.-H., Fan X.-Y., Liu Z.-Y., 2017, Design and Analysis of Water-Using Networks Involving Regeneration , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 61, 325-330.